Saturday, November 30, 2013

Green Rangers: We all Should Protect our Planet Earth and Save the Ozone Layer

Save Energy! That is what Mr. Brahmam, from Schneider India, told the Green Ambassadors all about. It was a fun experience about how we can save energy and water. We got to know all about what we can do for our Earth. As everything in this world, at the present, depends on electricity or power, we have to save all these natural resources from getting depleted. 

Mr. Brahmam showed us all about tips to be a real Green Ambassador. He showed us videos based on saving electricity. For example, a village in Maharashtra was living in a life of darkness without electricity and showed us how Schneider helped these people. We even saw an interview of Sachin Tendulkar on the same. After the session ended, we received the Tips Card which had all the ways to save energy and conserve the planet. It was a cool experience from which we learned a lot. I am sure from now on we shall be the Green ambassadors!  
Anvi, Akanksha & Shriya

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  1. an excellent movement ,the need of the hour ! Wonderful to see our kids teach us a thing or two and become so responsible. Its nice to see them passionate about this important cause. Am sure this drive in our children will go a long way indeed. ! LOVELY ,FRESH AND GREEN PICTURES. tHANKS FOR SHARING ALL THE PICTURES AND NEWS FROM SCHOOL iT IS INDEED A DELIGHT !

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