Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Experiment Day

Experimentation is one of the scientific skills that play an important role in tapping the inquirer. To develop this skill was the motive behind the Experiment Day - Fun with Experiments at Einstein Campus on 9th Nov.  The event proceeded with the labs buzzing with the students trying out various experiments to check their possibility. Young exploring minds were all curious to try out experiments and prove several principles and facts in the fields of Science and Maths. 
The event saw its success when the students showcased these activities with utmost confidence and enthusiasm to the parents. 

Some of the parent’s remarks like," The kitchen of my house has turned into a mini laboratory for the past few days", 

"This has made my son pull out quite a lot of books on experiments from my collection of books at home", only helped to boost their zeal in presentation.

 In all, this was a fruitful effort to nurture the young curious minds.

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