Thursday, November 21, 2013

A fun-filled Day of Playing with Light...

This is not about Diwali but about a good learning experience with fun for children of 2nd grade on various facets of light. What we did is not rocket science but simple activity-based learning which helped them not just learn the science of light but also experience it live.
We conducted lots of experiments as follows:

For visibility of objects light is required…switch on the lights you can see the things; switch it off—complete darkness…nothing is visible. Then switch on the torch light in an empty box…light goes in a straight line and when we block the light it will not pass through sides showing that light travels in a straight line. Then categorization of objects in transparent, translucent and opaque based on passing of light through those objects.

We also learnt that on passing light on any object, shadow is formed and noticed that the object was blocking the light and shadow of that object is formed. By this we also learnt how our shadow is formed and when it is short and long.

Not only these, we played with globe and torch in a box and created a small solar system to see how when one part of Earth is exposed to Sun there is day and the other part has night.

Simple experiments with so much of knowledge. Children just loved doing them and not only this they explained them to their parents as well on their PTM (November 16, 2013).  It was a moment of joy and pride for me to see my children confidently explaining what they did in those experiments and what they learnt out of them. 

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