Saturday, October 26, 2013

Trip to Ashraya Akruthi

As a part of CAS activities students of Grade VII and VIII went to Ashraya Akruthi Institute at Srinagar Colony to help the students with a better learning experience along with teaching aids for their usage in the class.

The students of VIII class (Aditya, Spoorthi, Anumitha, Vineetha, Khyathi & Sai Nitesh) took up the responsibility of preparing the PPTs for the lessons that had to be learnt by the students over there.  They made it pictorial and informative so that the visual and mental senses of the disabled children are awakened as well as providing a training session for the teachers working in that organization to develop their ability in teaching the disabled students.  They took the opportunity of presenting their work to the teachers present over there and receiving their blessings. The students were appreciated for their work as it fulfilled all the criteria’s essential for presenting the topic to the disabled child.

Apart from this the VII class students (Chole, Vinuthna, Keerthi and Arunjay) took an initiative of collecting material for the development of the library in Ashraya Akruthi.  They collected stationary material and books which comprised of story books and books that would help them in their regular curriculum.  These students were very enthusiastic in arranging the library with the material taken and also organizing the things in a proper way. They even donated money to the organization so that it can be used productively for the benefit of the students present in the institute.

In addition to all this the students really worked hard during their CAS period in the school by going through the different textbooks given to them and preparing the PPTs as well as motivating their buddies in contributing the money for the stationary and material for the development of the library at Ashraya Akruthi.

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