Monday, October 7, 2013

Time out with Grandparents in Grade IIIA

We believe that Grand Parents bring bundles of knowledge and experience to the future generations.                            
                On 1st October, people around the world observe the International Day of Older People. We at Oakridge Einstein Campus invited one of our students’ grandparents, Mr.Srinivas Rao and Ms.Rajeshwari as a part of the occasion.

They gave valuable insights on the importance of parents and grandparents and also shared their personal experiences of their younger years. Mr.Rao and Ms.Rajeshwari, spoke about the values of respect and discipline towards the elder ones by the ‘y’ generation.

After the interaction, we enjoyed playing musical chairs with them. Later we got an opportunity to listen to a song sung by Sharvari’s grandmother who is a very good classical vocalist even till date. We ended the class event by giving our esteemed guests a thank you card for spending their valuable time with us.

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