Thursday, October 3, 2013

PYP Parent Presentation

PP1A-Grade VA

PYP Parent Presentation was organized to showcase the learning journey of the Unit of Inquiry to understand the concepts being taught to the child through various interactive activities and show the trans-disciplinary approach of the unit of inquiry in other subjects like ICT, PSPE, Science, Social, Mathematics, Arts and Language.

A live experience of the learning journey through interactive activities in the form of board games on public places, types of animals and synonyms, ipad activities on mental math, habitats of animals and phonics, online games and Power Point presentations in the ICT lab, models and experiments on conversion energy, quizzes/puzzles on finding ones leadership style, consonants, body systems and homes around the world were some which caught the eyes of all the parents and kids.

Parent Reflection:

  • Mr. Harish: Excellent activities!! Keep going same trend.
  • Mr. Gaurav Chhabria: My daughter demonstrated every presentation very confidently.
  • Mr. Chandrasekhara Narasimhanm: Kids solved puzzles and explained about body systems with ease.
  • Mr. Santosh Vijay Kumar:I really like the teaching methodology.
  • MR. Sayed Ahmar Husain: Very pleased with my daughter’s progress. Excellent way of teaching and learning.

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