Thursday, October 3, 2013

Field trip to Pranam Hospital-Grade IIIA

Grade 3A of Einstein campus went on a field trip to PRANAM HOSPITAL in connection to our ongoing POI unit “Human Body Systems”. Dr. Lavanya Kaushal’s mother not only organized the trip but also explained all the procedures in detail.

Children had a very good exposure on the various areas in the hospital like ICU, Operation theatre, Laboratory, inpatient rooms, etc.

Dr. Lavanya gave a clear idea on the reason behind prescribing insulin to a sick person instead of giving medicines and students were very curious to ask Dr. Manish questions related to health issues.
Student questions:

  1. Why do we get typhoid?
  2. Why do we get brain fever?
  3. How does clotting come in our head?

Doctor’s reflection:

  • Very Interactive.
  • Curious to know everything.
  • Asked very relevant questions.

Dr. Lavanyva’s feedback:

First of all I would like to thank Dr. Manish Gour of Pranaam hospital for giving us permission for hospital tour (Field trip) at a very short notice. All the children of Class III A were excited on reaching the hospital. Srilatha Mam and I met the Doctor and he had asked his team member to take us for the hospital tour. She had taken the kids around the hospital to various departments/ Facilities like: Theatre, Medical ICU, Lab etc.  Each of the students had many relevant questions regarding the topics explained to them. At the end of the tour we all met Dr. Manish. The kids bombarded him with many questions.  In spite of the busy Monday OP, Dr. Manish cleared their doubts.  The students then thanked Dr. Manish and presented him with a thank you card. While awaiting for the bus, the children shared their personal experiences (their hospital visits) and had asked many questions. I really enjoyed my day spending time with them and talking to them in a lesser scientific way and at the same time correlating the interaction between the various human systems.  It was a great experience.

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