Monday, October 7, 2013


The motto of Oakridge international school is learning the treasure within. The school encourages the students to go on educational projects as a part of their PBL (problem based learning) approach. Any kind of learning can achieve its ultimate target only by initiating experiential learning and this is done by exposing the students to the global world. Recently, on September 6th, the school in order to foster the right environment for entrepreneurship had taken six of the entrepreneurship and commerce students for an interview with Mr.Nagaprasad, the chairman of People Combine group. Mr. Nagaprasad’s entrepreneurial zeal and the passion to innovate and overcome traditional methods have resulted in the establishment of one of the leading educational institutions of the world today.

This interview with the Chairman has stimulated the creativity of the students and has offered them a first-hand experience of the growth and progress of a successful entrepreneur. This can be considered as only the beginning of a journey filled with such opportunities to engage in first hand experiences of the real world.

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