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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Trip to Ashraya Akruthi

As a part of CAS activities students of Grade VII and VIII went to Ashraya Akruthi Institute at Srinagar Colony to help the students with a better learning experience along with teaching aids for their usage in the class.

The students of VIII class (Aditya, Spoorthi, Anumitha, Vineetha, Khyathi & Sai Nitesh) took up the responsibility of preparing the PPTs for the lessons that had to be learnt by the students over there.  They made it pictorial and informative so that the visual and mental senses of the disabled children are awakened as well as providing a training session for the teachers working in that organization to develop their ability in teaching the disabled students.  They took the opportunity of presenting their work to the teachers present over there and receiving their blessings. The students were appreciated for their work as it fulfilled all the criteria’s essential for presenting the topic to the disabled child.

Apart from this the VII class students (Chole, Vinuthna, Keerthi and Arunjay) took an initiative of collecting material for the development of the library in Ashraya Akruthi.  They collected stationary material and books which comprised of story books and books that would help them in their regular curriculum.  These students were very enthusiastic in arranging the library with the material taken and also organizing the things in a proper way. They even donated money to the organization so that it can be used productively for the benefit of the students present in the institute.

In addition to all this the students really worked hard during their CAS period in the school by going through the different textbooks given to them and preparing the PPTs as well as motivating their buddies in contributing the money for the stationary and material for the development of the library at Ashraya Akruthi.

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My Lego World - Rishi Challa – V1 C

Ever since I got my first Lego set when I was 3 years old, I was hooked onto Lego blocks. For me Lego blocks are amazing because I can create anything I wanted. I felt so happy in building things that are different from what the kits are for. I once built an airport with a train running through it next to a ship that has a crane attached to it – the crane had a pulley using which you can load / unload from airplane.  I don’t think I would have been able to do that in the real world!

Initially I was into building blocks, big Lego structures which are easy to build. Now that I have got years of practice and experience so I enjoy building intricate structures which have 2000+ pieces and are meant for kids 16+ years.

I had been a member in Lego Clubs and Lego Forums when I was in US. And, I was a yearly member at Lego Discovery Center at Chicago. One trip I enjoyed the most was to the Lego World at Malaysia.
I now have cartons full of Legos and this was one of the things that I insisted my parents move when we moved from Chicago to Hyderabad. Legos blocks kept me occupied and happy when it snowed outside at Chicago. And, here at Hyderabad, Legos are my close friends.

I should really thank my parents for letting me pursuit my passion of Legos and buys me expensive Lego sets. Since I do enjoy building structures, in future I see myself getting into robotics and computers. My dad tells me that doing computer programming is similar to attaching modules of Lego blocks. It seems they “pay” people to do that! That sure sounds fun if I can get paid to do that.

Above is me with the London Tower Bridge. And, I am now finishing up Sydney Opera House which is the hallmark feature of Sydney City. If I have time left after I am done becoming computer programmer, pilot, scientist, astronaut, and robotics expert – I can certainly design a spaceship port at least in Lego World if not in Real World.

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Visit to the Planetarium

Grade II A went for their field trip to visit Birla Planetarium. Kids were very eager to watch the amazing night sky show. They were excited to learn about the constellations, planets, other celestial objects and changes on Earth over thousands of years. It was an entertaining as well as an educational trip for all.

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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Guest Lecture

On 4th  October,2013  a wonderful guest lecture on the topic "Clothes" was given by Smruthi 
Srinivasan and Sriya Vangala of  Class  VI  "C" . They had discussions on various topics like
Different types of clothes, Clothes and Seasons and People who wear uniform. They shared a PPT
to enrich their topic. Finally they had a “Quiz” to revise their topic. Kids had a great time.

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Friday, October 11, 2013

Ozone 5K Walk

Oakridge International School, Einstein campus has organised a 5K walk to create awareness about Ozone depletion on Sunday, 29th September 2013 at KBR park, Jubilee Hills.

Mr. Madhusudhan Rao, Joint Chief Environmental Engineer from AP Pollution Control Board had accepted our invitation to participate in the walk and gave us tips on reducing pollution and radiation which is affecting Ozone layer.

Celebrity guests Hero Shivaji and Dhamarukam movie director Mr. Srinivas Reddy also have joined us to support this initiative and educated children about Ozone depletion.

Principal Mrs. Adilakshmi Chintalapati, Vice Principal Mrs. Jyothi Reddy and Admin Officer Mr. Narasinga Rao were a great support in making this event a grand success.

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Monday, October 7, 2013

Amazing Story tellers

Children love stories isn't it? They love telling stories, listening to stories and also imagine and act like various characters of those stories. 

The students of II-B were very excited participating in this story telling session. The class was divided into nine groups and given different stories. They presented their story very well. 

 The motto of this presentation was to improve the speaking skills and boost the confidence level and to develop public speaking.
On a whole it was an exciting experience with lot of learning and fun.

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The motto of Oakridge international school is learning the treasure within. The school encourages the students to go on educational projects as a part of their PBL (problem based learning) approach. Any kind of learning can achieve its ultimate target only by initiating experiential learning and this is done by exposing the students to the global world. Recently, on September 6th, the school in order to foster the right environment for entrepreneurship had taken six of the entrepreneurship and commerce students for an interview with Mr.Nagaprasad, the chairman of People Combine group. Mr. Nagaprasad’s entrepreneurial zeal and the passion to innovate and overcome traditional methods have resulted in the establishment of one of the leading educational institutions of the world today.

This interview with the Chairman has stimulated the creativity of the students and has offered them a first-hand experience of the growth and progress of a successful entrepreneur. This can be considered as only the beginning of a journey filled with such opportunities to engage in first hand experiences of the real world.

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