Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Gung-ho Librarian- proactive Information Provider: TAISI Librarian Conference

The first TAISI librarian conference was held on 31st August 2013 in Edubridge International School, Mumbai.
It was great experience and opportunity to meet all professionals from different states and different curriculum.
There were two sessions of the conference where the first session “The Gung-ho librarian” was conducted by Ms. Nirmala Balasubramanian (Senior Librarian of Edubridge International School) and the next session “Academic Honesty” was conducted by Mr. Mick Purcell (Principal of Edubridge International School).
The Gung-Ho librarian:
Gung-Ho is an American term means enthusiastic or dedicated. In information era the role of librarian is changed from traditional librarian to information provider. The main aim of this session was to provide an overview on Library and Information Services in a school Library, the role of the librarian identifying the gaps in information provision, curriculum support that the libraries and librarian offers. Reading Advocacy is a significant aspect and a group activity was conducted to help give a better clarity on these issues.

How librarian can achieve Gung-ho-ism?
Anticipating information needs
Identify the resources
Being informed about what is happening around you
Guiding/ training students
Imparting research skills to create independent

Group activity about present school library services in part of activities, resources and other information.
Academic honesty in digital age:
Head of Development for the IBDP Malcolm Nicolson has said, “We investigate hundreds of cases of academic dishonesty each year, and in the majority of cases the problem is that the student was not intending to cheat but that they were never taught properly in terms of ATL skills. For example, the student was poorly taught how to cite, how to write a bibliography, how to reference a work of art, etc.”
On the basis of this thought Mr. Mick explained the issues of academic honesty faced by educators and schools. Mr Mick also discussed about how to distinguish between citations, references, bibliography; work cited etc. He also focused on the mistakes commonly found in the method adopted by student in citing the works and using information from Wikipedia. In addition to these he covered some other major areas of concern like
Common mistakes of teachers, librarian and administrator are
focus on punishing dishonesty instead of promoting honesty,
Assuming student understand right and wrong,
oversimplifying the complexity of citing in the digital age, also the same mistakes student make, especially thinking about “Not getting Caught”
Not enough professional development in this area etc.
This conference was the first gate way to meet all librarians across the country as well as it solved many questions and doubts regarding the academic honesty and the role of the librarian.

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