Sunday, September 1, 2013

Read and Rhyme Event

Calm, Cool & Composed are the three words that strike my mind when I think about the morning of 31st of August, 2013. A calm & cool weather, complemented with the composed performance of students of class - III B. The parents and teachers enjoyed each minute of being an audience to brilliant display of stage performance by our little Oakridgers. Events like narrating poems, field trip reports, famous letters and stories (fiction and non-fiction) stole the attention of all. The energy & enthusiasm of each and every child contributed solely in making the event so grand and memorable. This would never have been possible without the children’s great source of motivation – the physical presence of their parents.

Read and Rhyme” event is mainly designed for the children to make them confident with delivering their words as well as to improve their communication skills.

Parent Feedback:
Pallavi Karnati: Inculcating a very good habit which would help them a lot in many ways. Thank you for encouraging the children.
Vijaya Pokkuluri: Liked the idea of making every child participate.
Himabindu: It was a wonderful experience as a parent to watch my child participating in read and rhyme. This program has certainly, let us know how good they are on stage and reading out to the audience. Helps them grow out of stage fear. Thanks to all the teachers who helped these little ones.
Aparna lakshmi : Thank You for involving parents in the reading activity 

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