Tuesday, September 24, 2013


The 21st century students need to inculcate the global citizenship within them and for that the basic values need to be strong. One of the ways is to analyze and adapt the IB learner profile which help the child to develop the international mindedness from early childhood.

The visual art hobbies students of grades VII & VIII created posters on the IB learner profile and in the process they were able to understand the concept of the learner profile and related them to their daily routine. Activities such as these will reinforce the ideas of the child & make the process of learning interesting and fulfilled.

Reflections of students

Spoorthi (VIII) - “Art is awesome, it helps me express myself.”

Anumita (VIII) – “I learned about the learner profile and how to creatively depict them”

Vineetha( VIII) – “I learned new painting skills and that creating art is a joyful experience.

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