Sunday, September 29, 2013

Leadership – Bring out the leader within

For Grade 5A under the theme “Who we are”  had the central idea as ‘Changes people experience at different stages of their lives affect their evolving sense of self and leadership’ in which one of the lines of inquiry was ‘rights and responsibilities of leadership’.

One of the activities for Formative Assessment was a quiz conducted in the class on Leaders and their achievements. All the students took public opinion on the most famous leaders and listed down 60 leaders to research and study about. The class was divided into 6 groups. The quiz comprised of 4 rounds with 4 questions each to each team. The questions comprised of guessing the leader by viewing the photo of the leader or recognizing the leader by his/her achievement. The mode of scoring was 2 marks if the team answers the question posed to it and 1 mark if the team answers a question passed by the previous team. The students of Grade 4 were the audience.

Not only was there great enthusiasm among the students for learning, participating as well as competing with each other, but also their knowledge about Indian and world leaders strengthened. They also showed proactive and participative leadership where each member motivated the other to learn and participate. Our motive of developing leadership qualities among students was well achieved. For us each one was a leader irrespective of who won or lost.

3 among the 6 teams were selected and the students of the winning teams were given Oak Champ points.

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