Tuesday, September 24, 2013

FIELD TRIP on the Theme Who We Are-IA

Field trip for Grade 1A was organized on Homes-the second unit of inquiry. Children of Grade 1A visited the homes of their friends (Kushal and Anjali) to know different people follow different cultures.

We all visited Kushal’s house where the children noticed the type of house, culture they follow, etc.  Then we visited Anjali’s house.  They watched the video of culture which they followed when they were in U.S.  The video explicitly showed gruhapravesh, namakarna, akshrabyas and the types of Gods they believe in.  Different festivals they celebrate and the way they celebrate the festival with parents, grandparents, elders, neighbors, etc. They also noticed different types of rooms in Anjali’s house and a separate room for God where they noticed a culture in which they have Ganesh at home for a period of time.

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