Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Create A Disguise @ PP 2 B and C

On 21st September students of PP2 B and C had  "Create a Disguise" event where in students disguised according to themes namely shapes, animals and water. All students enthusiastically participated and performed extraordinarily well. There were cute little animals, water cycle, rain drops and various shapes who narrated beautiful rhymes, stories. There were beautiful birds performing a skit and later dancing on “Ek  Chidiya. ". There was a raindrop making us aware about significance of water. All parents and teachers enjoyed a lot with such amazing performances.

Parent Reflection:

Parent of Varun Sahit: A great attempt at bringing out the talents in the young give , would have been terrific if it was an out door event.

Parent of Advait Shinil: A treat to see all kids coming on to stage and performing.

Parent of Kamal : we would love to see such event being organized more frequently. Thanks for all your efforts.

Parent of Venkat Nithin: It was organized very well. Thanks to all the parents.

Parent of Parv Agarwal: It was a very nice event with lots of encouragement for kids. It was very well planned.

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