Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Bringing plants into the life of children......

A simple experiment of germinating green lentils, peas or grams by every child was a mesmerizing experience to them. While the seeds were germinating, so was the curiosity in minds of those little scientists. All sorts of Ws and Hs was in the air and what thrilled me the most was their attempt to answer each other’s questions, me just orchestrating and bundling them together into various themes-

1.  Life cycle
2.  Parts
3.  Types
4.  Usages
5.  Process of making food (don’t want to call photosynthesis)

Entire class was distributed into five groups, each owning one of the themes. They researched, asked, queried, debated, engaged their parents and all that they could and finally presented the same to the entire class. I could not have expected anything better, so penning it down for others to take advantage of this enriching experience of mine.

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