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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Leadership – Bring out the leader within

For Grade 5A under the theme “Who we are”  had the central idea as ‘Changes people experience at different stages of their lives affect their evolving sense of self and leadership’ in which one of the lines of inquiry was ‘rights and responsibilities of leadership’.

One of the activities for Formative Assessment was a quiz conducted in the class on Leaders and their achievements. All the students took public opinion on the most famous leaders and listed down 60 leaders to research and study about. The class was divided into 6 groups. The quiz comprised of 4 rounds with 4 questions each to each team. The questions comprised of guessing the leader by viewing the photo of the leader or recognizing the leader by his/her achievement. The mode of scoring was 2 marks if the team answers the question posed to it and 1 mark if the team answers a question passed by the previous team. The students of Grade 4 were the audience.

Not only was there great enthusiasm among the students for learning, participating as well as competing with each other, but also their knowledge about Indian and world leaders strengthened. They also showed proactive and participative leadership where each member motivated the other to learn and participate. Our motive of developing leadership qualities among students was well achieved. For us each one was a leader irrespective of who won or lost.

3 among the 6 teams were selected and the students of the winning teams were given Oak Champ points.

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Hindi Diwas celebrated in Junior School




India is a beautiful country with a glorious heritage and rich customs. The country portrays  unity in diversity by embracing variety of cultures, traditions, customs and languages. People of different religions live here but all are undoubtedly united by one sole feeling of 'Being an Indian'.

To promote national language-Hindi, primary classes celebrated “HINDI DIWAS with lots of fun and learning programs on13th September 2013. Kids started with sawaraswti vandana , then moved on by presenting English rhymes in Hindi. Students cracked Hindi jokes and filled the air with humour. Skit presented on ‘Unity is Strength’ was a highlight. Overall the celebration was enjoyable and entertaining with good learning embedded in it.

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Hindi Day

On 3rd September 2013, the senior school Hindi students along with their teachers celebrated Hindi Diwas with great enthusiasm.  The day started off well with a Hindi prayer by Shazain and a thought by Yamini. The function began with Mukul’s speech on the importance of Hindi Language followed by different events showcasing the importance of Hindi, which included a melodious song by some Hindi students, a skit by 8th graders, a hilarious act by Rahul and Sanketh  followed by a poem recited by Aaheli. Then a discussion was conducted by 9th and 11th graders. The program finally ended with the vote of thanks by Rahul of 10th grade. All the efforts made by the students and teachers made this day a memorable event for the school.

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

“Air, my invisible friend”

Students of Grade I B and C gave a wonderful presentation on “Air, My invisible friend”. The presentation was under the topics  

Properties of air
Uses of air
Air Pollution
Solutions for air Pollution

Kids were divided in to groups. They discussed, drew and wrote their views. Then they gave a group presentation on the stage. The topic was further enriched by kids sharing a Rhyme, Story, PPT and Facts about air. They also enacted it through a role play. The highlight of the day was when kids started doing a few experiments on air. All the students participated with great enthusiasm and confidence.

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Create A Disguise @ PP 2 B and C

On 21st September students of PP2 B and C had  "Create a Disguise" event where in students disguised according to themes namely shapes, animals and water. All students enthusiastically participated and performed extraordinarily well. There were cute little animals, water cycle, rain drops and various shapes who narrated beautiful rhymes, stories. There were beautiful birds performing a skit and later dancing on “Ek  Chidiya. ". There was a raindrop making us aware about significance of water. All parents and teachers enjoyed a lot with such amazing performances.

Parent Reflection:

Parent of Varun Sahit: A great attempt at bringing out the talents in the young give , would have been terrific if it was an out door event.

Parent of Advait Shinil: A treat to see all kids coming on to stage and performing.

Parent of Kamal : we would love to see such event being organized more frequently. Thanks for all your efforts.

Parent of Venkat Nithin: It was organized very well. Thanks to all the parents.

Parent of Parv Agarwal: It was a very nice event with lots of encouragement for kids. It was very well planned.

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The 21st century students need to inculcate the global citizenship within them and for that the basic values need to be strong. One of the ways is to analyze and adapt the IB learner profile which help the child to develop the international mindedness from early childhood.

The visual art hobbies students of grades VII & VIII created posters on the IB learner profile and in the process they were able to understand the concept of the learner profile and related them to their daily routine. Activities such as these will reinforce the ideas of the child & make the process of learning interesting and fulfilled.

Reflections of students

Spoorthi (VIII) - “Art is awesome, it helps me express myself.”

Anumita (VIII) – “I learned about the learner profile and how to creatively depict them”

Vineetha( VIII) – “I learned new painting skills and that creating art is a joyful experience.

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FIELD TRIP on the Theme Who We Are-IA

Field trip for Grade 1A was organized on Homes-the second unit of inquiry. Children of Grade 1A visited the homes of their friends (Kushal and Anjali) to know different people follow different cultures.

We all visited Kushal’s house where the children noticed the type of house, culture they follow, etc.  Then we visited Anjali’s house.  They watched the video of culture which they followed when they were in U.S.  The video explicitly showed gruhapravesh, namakarna, akshrabyas and the types of Gods they believe in.  Different festivals they celebrate and the way they celebrate the festival with parents, grandparents, elders, neighbors, etc. They also noticed different types of rooms in Anjali’s house and a separate room for God where they noticed a culture in which they have Ganesh at home for a period of time.

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Intense desire = Bringing out the treasure within

It sometimes seems that intense desire creates not only its own opportunities, but also its own talents.

I strongly agree with the above saying. Reason behind it is that the students of Grade 4a surprised me with a lovely show “Teacher Day Celebration”. They themselves hosted the show, started with a small prayer, song and then a heart touching Poem. They also had some activities for their peers so that everyone is involved in the celebration. Then, each one of them shared their reflection about me. The celebration ended with variety of snacks brought and shared with everyone.

I was so touched for the respect shown towards me. This was my best of the best Teachers’ day Celebration. I never knew these little children could put up a wonderful show without any support. Kuddossssssssssssssssss GRADE 4A. I’m proud to be your TEACHER.

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Amazing Universe!!!!

We in grade 2A have been learning about the Universe and all the amazing facts about our Universe. We learnt about Big Bang Theory and to understand it better, we kids ran around in the class haphazardly on a count of 3 just like particles that moved after the blast. Prompts were given after sometime, hinting that particles started to cool down and have begun to stick together and form Planets, Stars etc. We started to do the same and stuck to each other.

Kids Reflection: “It’s awesome!!!” Once more please…..”

Shubham: “Now I understand what Big Bang theory is.”
Shreya: “I understood about Big Bang theory and how the planets started forming. But where did that tiny ball come from which blasted and formed the whole big Universe?”

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The Gung-ho Librarian- proactive Information Provider: TAISI Librarian Conference

The first TAISI librarian conference was held on 31st August 2013 in Edubridge International School, Mumbai.
It was great experience and opportunity to meet all professionals from different states and different curriculum.
There were two sessions of the conference where the first session “The Gung-ho librarian” was conducted by Ms. Nirmala Balasubramanian (Senior Librarian of Edubridge International School) and the next session “Academic Honesty” was conducted by Mr. Mick Purcell (Principal of Edubridge International School).
The Gung-Ho librarian:
Gung-Ho is an American term means enthusiastic or dedicated. In information era the role of librarian is changed from traditional librarian to information provider. The main aim of this session was to provide an overview on Library and Information Services in a school Library, the role of the librarian identifying the gaps in information provision, curriculum support that the libraries and librarian offers. Reading Advocacy is a significant aspect and a group activity was conducted to help give a better clarity on these issues.

How librarian can achieve Gung-ho-ism?
Anticipating information needs
Identify the resources
Being informed about what is happening around you
Guiding/ training students
Imparting research skills to create independent

Group activity about present school library services in part of activities, resources and other information.
Academic honesty in digital age:
Head of Development for the IBDP Malcolm Nicolson has said, “We investigate hundreds of cases of academic dishonesty each year, and in the majority of cases the problem is that the student was not intending to cheat but that they were never taught properly in terms of ATL skills. For example, the student was poorly taught how to cite, how to write a bibliography, how to reference a work of art, etc.”
On the basis of this thought Mr. Mick explained the issues of academic honesty faced by educators and schools. Mr Mick also discussed about how to distinguish between citations, references, bibliography; work cited etc. He also focused on the mistakes commonly found in the method adopted by student in citing the works and using information from Wikipedia. In addition to these he covered some other major areas of concern like
Common mistakes of teachers, librarian and administrator are
focus on punishing dishonesty instead of promoting honesty,
Assuming student understand right and wrong,
oversimplifying the complexity of citing in the digital age, also the same mistakes student make, especially thinking about “Not getting Caught”
Not enough professional development in this area etc.
This conference was the first gate way to meet all librarians across the country as well as it solved many questions and doubts regarding the academic honesty and the role of the librarian.

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