Orchestra by students on Founders Day Music performance by students on Founders Day Music performance by students on Founders Day Bharatnatyam dance performance on Founders Day Puppet dance performance on Founders Day Monkey dance performance on Founders Day Elephant dance performance on Founders Day Parrot dance performance on Founders Day Mowgli adventure play on Founders Day
Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Treasure Fest

Oakridge, Newton campus hosted Treasure fest last week for various categories. Students of Einstein campus participated in large numbers in swimming, basketball Tennis, visual arts, music, and debate and so on. It was a very enriching experience for students to participate and interact with students from various schools. Students won in swimming in various categories like back stroke, breast stroke, under 12 relay and under 14 relay.

Einstein students won first prize in Music and lyrics, origami and object sculpting.

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Best practices are an inherent part of a curriculum that exemplifies the connection and relevance identified in educational research.

The PYP team was very excited to share the actions, approaches and methods that are most successful or have proven most successful in the past in achieving and that are shared with peers in order to contribute to collective learning.

All the teachers of PYP divided themselves into pairs and shared the best practices they use in each of their classes.

Some of the best practices shared were on easy techniques of building vocabulary, using web 2.0 tools to assign homework, take reflections, participate in open forums and exchange best practices and resources.

 A session on ADHD was also taken by teachers where in Ms. Adhilakshmi Chintalapati, our Principal, joined the session and gave us valuable suggestions on routines and habits which make classroom management simple yet successful.


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Mother Tongue Session

PYP Grade 1 to 5 celebrated “Mother Tongue Session”. This celebration is designed to promote linguistic diversity, to highlight greater awareness of the importance of mother tongue.

Students designed posters on interesting cultural facts, personalities, poems, cuisine and much more in their mother tongue. Later they had a gallery walk to observe and discuss about the posters with their teachers and friends.

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Monday, August 26, 2013

Unit Presentation

Students of PP 1 C after successfully completing their first theme – All About Me did a presentation. It was a great experience to watch the students present their learning. They took pride in speaking about themselves and about their family.

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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Tiny tots having fun in the ground.

Learning is indeed fun prove our children.

Our nursery students are an energetic bunch who loves their outdoor activities. They are very fun loving and obedient students who listen and follow the instructions. As a part of their learning the nursery students are familiarized with different shapes and are also taught to listen and follow instructions through fun filled activities. They are also taught to learn by observing. Discipline is inculcated through these activities where students learn to wait for their turns and also to respect others.

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Friday, August 23, 2013

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Independence Day Celebrations.......

The preprimary Independence Day celebration was an marvelous event with beautiful performances by our Little Oakridgers. The program started with a welcome note by one of the preprimary student followed by guest lecture and presentation by Mrs.Laxmi - Oakridge parent
She aroused Indian feeling by singing a melodious song MERA VATAN HAI.
It was indeed an incredible, marvelous professional performance, where children supported her by clapping throughout the singing....

We had stunning, thundering speeches and beautiful dance moments by the students of PP1, PP2 and Nursery classes. The Little Oakridgers proved their courage by their stage performances. Their amateur skills and cute attempts made hearts smile and made the environment vibrant.

A Big applause to all the preprimary students...

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Class meeting IVA

Class meetings get students involved in constructive decision-making in their classrooms and schools. They build a climate of trust and respect between teacher and students, as well as among students and help students take ownership and responsibility for their classroom- which is the ultimate goal of the classroom meeting. Students of class IVA have their class meeting every week. Below is a jist of it

Strengths: Teamwork /Working towards essential agreements/Obeying their leaders/Completing their task in lower tone.

Challenges: Walking in the classroom once finished their task/During the task the noise level goes up without their knowledge.

Solutions: Bringing a small bell, once the noise level is high the class leader will ring the bell.
                Once finished with their task, they will help their buddy to finish their task, if required or read a book.

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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Literary week results

1st prize
2nd prize
3rd Prize
IV and V
Autobiography writing
Shreya- VB
Anushka VC
Abhilasha IV C
Poem Writing
Karman-IV A
Anurag-IV A
Ankita IV A
Joke Writing
Madhav IVC
Anuj  IV B
Poem Writing
Antariksh VB
Anushka VC
Deesha Sharma VA
Comic Writing
L.Manasa V-C
Akhil V-B
Swathi  V-C
VI and VII
Trishik VII A
Sonu VII A
Srinidhi VIIA
Short story writing
Aditya K. VIIC
Arsalan VI A   Kriti VII B
Angha VIIB, Manas VIIA
Essay Writing
Shuklashree Das VI A
Akanksha VI C
Smriti VI C
Short story writing
Lakshita VI A
Akhil VI A
Memorable incident
Niharika VIIC
Kamesh VII A
Sriram VIIC
Book Review
Manasa IX B
Vasavi IX B
Hemanth IX A
Paragraph writing
Mukul IX A and Aheli Jana VIII A
Anish Ketan IX A
Sanketh VIII A
Film Review
Essay writing
K.Preetha  IX-C
Memorable incident
Vidhata VIIIA
Govind VIIIA
Formal Letter Writing
Ritika X A
Nikhil XA
Shwetha Raju VIII A
X and XI
Dhyan XB
Bhavana X A and Meghana X A
Script writing
Hindi (Only for grade x)
Film Review
Mona X A
Sheyas VIIIA
Deeksha X A
Inspirational person
Meghana X A
Navya XA
Shreya VB
Akansha VB
Arushi VI B
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