Friday, July 19, 2013

Prefect Council and Student Council Elections

Vote for a fresh start on prefect council! Vote

 This seemed to be the motto on every body’s minds this week in Einstein campus. The campus was buzzing with election related activities. Students of Einstein are gearing up for elections to various posts both for the prefect body and student council. Students of grades 10th and 11th are contesting for various leadership posts. They are being constantly guided by the student advisor on the procedures and rules of elections. The selection is being carried out in a systematic process in which students are going various levels such as written questionnaire round on self-assessment/teacher recommendation forms, first level panel interview with class teachers, second level interview with principal/V.P. Each level carries a weightage which will all be collated to send the students for final elections. Students campaigned actively all of last week verbally and also by putting up posters at various places.

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  1. that's gr8 all the very best ! Please put up pictures of world music day celebrations too !! thank you .

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