Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Guest Lecture on Structure and care of Teeth

The kids of grade 1V B and C had an exciting session with Dr. Prathyusha a dental surgeon in KIIMS hospital and also an Oakridge parent on 19th July 2013, about our ongoing topic in science “Teeth”.

She started with PPT, explaining about the types of teeth and showed how they grow according to the age. The kids were so enthusiastic that they connected their prior knowledge with the guest by answering the questions she had asked them and also put forward their doubts on why do new born have no teeth……..Continued by explaining the structure of tooth with the need to take care of them and even showed the proper way of brushing the teeth. Students got to know the effect of cavities and the various treatments .She concluded the session, explaining how we can decrease the teeth problems with our eating habits and cleanliness.

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