Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Family Day @ Einstein Campus

The staff of the school along with their families were invited for "Family Day" to Welcome and toast to the start of a new productive Academic year. The evening was fun filled and enjoyable with lots of games and entertainment. It was a great opportunity for the new and existing teachers to get introduced to each other and forge new bonds.

Manavi Awasthi:- It was very interactive event, fun filled and enjoyable. I thank Principal Madam and all Oakridge staff for such a wonderful evening.

Renuka Nandakumar:- Excellent execution of the event. The event was indeed a wonderful way to bring together the old and new teachers.

K. Pallavi:- It was just great to be with my family with the Oakridge family, had fun. It was just Awesome!!!

P. Srilaxmi:- The event was very organized and enjoyable. Everyone was encouraged to participate. It was fun and I would cherish these moments forever.

P. Himajyothsna:- It was an extraordinary evening which gave energy to start the new academic year.

Mythili Balaji:- A very innovative initiative, very refreshing to meet colleagues in an informal way. This should be continued. Thank you for making our day.

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