Saturday, May 4, 2013

POP of Einstein

POP of Einstein
POP, a Parent Orientation Program was conducted at Leonia, a beautiful and amazing holiday resort on 20th and 21st of April. POP was organized to orient all the new parents and students to the philosophy and life at Oakridge.

Principal, Ms. Adilakshmi’s welcome speech took them through all the achievements and activities of the school in a nutshell. Parents were given a feel of the activities of the school and its learning programmes. On the other hand, all the children had a gala time as well as built a rapport with the most active teachers led by Ms. Neeraja, who engaged them with sessions that were designed to be educative and thought provoking.
The session on Positive Parenting conducted by Ms. Sumitha Bhattacharya, Ms.Mythili and Ms.Pushpa, gave them an insight of how and what their contribution should be in building up the child’s self-esteem.
Ms.Vidya‘s session on Multiple Intelligence supported by the event coordinators, Ms.Satya Vani and Ms. Sunitha was a highlight. Parents could bring out all the treasure from within and relate themselves to the Smarts they belonged to. The session culminated with group presentations using different smarts on the theme, Saving the Planet.

Ms.Sunitha’s session on DEAR, (drop everything and read) gave a new dimension to the audience’s perception of reading programs at Oakridge. Meet the doctor session by Dr. Nazia gave awareness on the importance given to nutrition, first aid and healthy life style at Oakridge. Ms. Richa introduced the child Development plan (CDP) a tool to monitor and enhance learning.
The one and a half day POP closed with parent’s presentations using their smarts, talent show by children’s and awarding prizes for the POP champs and smart teams. Parents highly appreciated all the experiential learning processes and above all the proactive teaching faculty of Oakridge.

Ms.V. Lakshmi Shalini: I do really appreciate the way the orientation went on. We do like the plans, the ideas and the concept that went on. I am sure that my child is getting a very good education in your school.

Mr.Adwitiya Roychowdhury: Wonderful time spent with Oakridge family. We got a chance to meet other parents as well. Children made friends and got accustomed with some of the teachers. Coordinators are very nice and smart. They carried away the sessions very smoothly and successfully. As a parent we enjoyed a lot.

Mr.S.Venkat Srinath: It’s an excellent programme, where we had clarified all our doubts and know well about methodology and regular programme which you are taking. Two days programme really helped us to interact with your staff and parents.

Ms.Jeevika Puri: Informative and interactive sessions. Thank you for arranging the show well organized. Highlights:-confident impressive presentation on health and CDP, great initiative in collating kids strengths and development areas. This will help the parent teacher association.

Ms.Srividya and Mr.Aneesh Koppolu: An excellent orientation programme put together by the Oakridge school system. We will be proud to have our children attend the school three cheers to Oakridge.

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