Friday, May 3, 2013


Oakridge Einstein had the proud privilege of providing certificates to the second batch of grade X (IGCSE) who have successfully completed their internship programme at Kadwell Consultants Private Ltd, on 26th April 2013.

The event commenced with a prayer song on goddess Saraswathi from the school’s choir followed by a splendid speech by the principal who encouraged and appreciated the students on the successful completion of their internship and benefit from a well-rounded program that included a wide array of events and activities meant to build self-esteem and foster social interaction.

She also mentioned that the internship was an exchange of services for an experience between the student and an organization which helped the students to determine their interest in a particular career.
Further the programme was presided over by the chief guest Mr. Kadwell and the guest of honor Mr. Dave from Kadwell Consultants who shared their experiences of overwhelmingness for having the students of Oakridge to research on their company and learn the valuable professional experience.
It was also a pleasure for the parents to witness their child’s achievements and had the opportunity to share their experiences.  One of the parents Mr. Manish Sharma appreciated the schools effort for organizing a platform for the students as part of extended learning, he also spoke about the various logistics involved in any business and understanding these logistics in the professional environment would help the students in the future endeavors.

Another parent Mr.Rajendra Kayati shared his opinion by expressing his gratitude to Oakridge Einstein campus and to Mr.Kadwell and his company. He shared his experiences of giving his first presentation which happened after his engineering. He also expressed on a lighter note that he envy the opportunity of the interns who are doing this presentation at such a tender age which definitely make them involved in the real world situation. He advised the present interns to take this particular opportunity to plan their future career goals.
Eventually the student interns displayed a presentation of what they have learnt during their internship programme.  They shared that they have realized that work is not exciting all the days in real life scenario but they need to work the entire month to reach the targets even if boring on someday to experience  the excitement of taking the pay cheque on the first day of every month. This presentation gave a clear picture of what they have learnt and experienced at Kadwell consultants along with the memories of the students who were extremely happy for being given such an opportunity.

The event concluded with vote of thanks proposed by Meghana of grade X (CBSE) who expressed her thanks on behalf of the school management and the IX graders who had an opportunity to witness the event and gain a learning experience on the importance of internship programme.

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