Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Time Out!!!!!!

Einstein has yet again created an exciting buzz among all the parents of new students who would be joining   shortly, with “Time Out” on 16th March. All the parents and kids reached the campus at around 3.30 P.M. As they entered the campus they were divided into four groups-Bubbles, Sparkles, Twinkles and Smileys to create a team building atmosphere. All the parents were addressed by Principal Ms. Adilakshmi and were elucidated on the main objective of the Time out event.
The event started with thrilling ice breakers like, Who am I?, Best Cheer line, Heading the football, Hoopla race, and lemon & spoon race. At around 5:00 pm a rhythmic activity was conducted as a warm up session which was much appreciated by parents. Activities like Flat ring Frisbee, Parachute play, Musical rings, Balancing race, slow cycling and Kite flying, caught the parents' attention till 6.00 pm. The electrifying event closed with high tea and graffiti styled feedback.

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