Friday, March 8, 2013

Building the winning edge-PP Sports Day

PP students of Einstein Campus, OIS on 1st March had an opportunity of building the winning edge in them by participating in the first time ever, PP Sports Day. 

They enjoyed the rhythmic drill, especially, while demonstrating the “Gangnam Style sequence” with pompoms. The individual events and group events for kids as well as for parents were cheered with zeal. Kids applauded with fervor when their parents climbed onto the victory stand for gold, silver & bronze medals. The event culminated with engaging and energetic activities for parents and kids in partnership.

Mr.T.Tanishka Sunder : Great fun!!! Wonderful and memorable days of school brought back to parents. It gave kids enjoyment and confidence. Thank you.

Ms. Nidhi : It was a great event & fun seeing the children & parents participating with equal energies & sportive spirit.

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