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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Guest Lecture on Air

The kids of grade 1A had an exciting session with Sanhita, a student of 6th grade on 28th March 2013, about our ongoing UOI topic “Air”.
She started with PPT, explaining the importance of Air and showed how air occupies space. The budding ones enjoyed to blow the balloons and got to know that air occupied space….. Continued by explaining the effects of air on  health and even about air pollution. Students got know “All living things need Air to live”, by a small experiment: she showed how an insect would survive in a closed jar and also a jar with a hole. 
She concluded the session, explaining how we can decrease the amount of polluted air.        

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Graduation Ceremony 2012-2013

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“Student-led conference & Activity Showcase”

Guided by the motto of Holistic Development in mind, Oakridge Einstein creates a lot of opportunities in Curricular and Co-Curricular activities to develop 21st century skills. One such opportunity, “Student-led conference & Activity Showcase” held on 16th March created an ambience in which positive attitudes flourished, thereby enhancing communication across all stakeholders about the processes and assessments in the learning journey of every student. Another initiative, the student mapping in Curricular and Co-Curricular activities, that was also shared with the parents was highly appreciated.

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013


We are surrounded by geometric shapes and patterns it could be in the fabrics, ornaments, landscapes and many more. Geometrical designs and patterns are an integral part of Indian and Western Paintings.  It is present from the folk art to the murals and the contemporary art.
 Grades I to III created beautiful collage work using geometrical shapes during the activity show case on 16th March.  It was nice to see some interesting art works; they created symmetric patterns, geometrical designs, borders and some creative compositions.

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Time Out!!!!!!

Einstein has yet again created an exciting buzz among all the parents of new students who would be joining   shortly, with “Time Out” on 16th March. All the parents and kids reached the campus at around 3.30 P.M. As they entered the campus they were divided into four groups-Bubbles, Sparkles, Twinkles and Smileys to create a team building atmosphere. All the parents were addressed by Principal Ms. Adilakshmi and were elucidated on the main objective of the Time out event.
The event started with thrilling ice breakers like, Who am I?, Best Cheer line, Heading the football, Hoopla race, and lemon & spoon race. At around 5:00 pm a rhythmic activity was conducted as a warm up session which was much appreciated by parents. Activities like Flat ring Frisbee, Parachute play, Musical rings, Balancing race, slow cycling and Kite flying, caught the parents' attention till 6.00 pm. The electrifying event closed with high tea and graffiti styled feedback.

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Friday, March 22, 2013


Sometimes we underestimate our learners. I had requested them to frame their own questions for the quiz time to ask the opponent team. I was very much surprised to find meaningful questions framed based on the 2nd line of Inquiry ( Distribution of Product) within the given time frame.
Grade 2A always believes in excellence. Now for them it’s no longer an act it’s a habit.
Sample Questions:
What is distribution?
Who manufactures the product?
Why does the retailer sell the product?
Who is responsible for the advertisement?

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The students of Grade IIIA visited a construction site, in connection to their present UOI topic on workplaces. One of the class parent Mr. Sarath, invited us to his place, to have an insight into the process of the construction of villas.
 He gave the students fruitful information-- right from the construction of the basement to the selling and buying of the villas. The students were very inquisitive to know about the different people who work for Mr. Sarath and how they help him in constructing the villas.

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

JUMPBUNCH at Einstein

OIS, Einstein campus has introduced JUMP BUNCH for the pre-primary levels to enhance their fine motor skills along with games and fun.
The children of pre-primary stream seem to enjoy these activities which was seen as they actively participate in it.

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Graduation day Invitation

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Monday, March 11, 2013

Activity Show case- Clay Modelling

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Friday, March 8, 2013

Building the winning edge-PP Sports Day

PP students of Einstein Campus, OIS on 1st March had an opportunity of building the winning edge in them by participating in the first time ever, PP Sports Day. 

They enjoyed the rhythmic drill, especially, while demonstrating the “Gangnam Style sequence” with pompoms. The individual events and group events for kids as well as for parents were cheered with zeal. Kids applauded with fervor when their parents climbed onto the victory stand for gold, silver & bronze medals. The event culminated with engaging and energetic activities for parents and kids in partnership.

Mr.T.Tanishka Sunder : Great fun!!! Wonderful and memorable days of school brought back to parents. It gave kids enjoyment and confidence. Thank you.

Ms. Nidhi : It was a great event & fun seeing the children & parents participating with equal energies & sportive spirit.

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Happy Woman's Day

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Field Trip to Ayurveda

The students of grade III A visited “Therapy Ayurveda” in Madinaguda, which is owned by one of the student’s parent, Mrs. Ekta Vaypayee, as they were inquiring on workplaces, in their current UOI topic.
Dr.Srekanth gave a detailed explanation of the Sanskrit terms with their meaning, used in Ayurveda. The importance and the use of the wooden message table and other techniques used in different therapies were also explained to the students.
Students also learned about the purpose and responsibilities of different jobs done by different people at the centre.

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Interdependence with in the systems

Grade IV A visited the Zoo in connection with the poi topic ‘BIODIVERSITY.’ Students got an opportunity to observe the different environments in which animals lead their lives. Students understood that organisms are interconnected in nature in many ways like for food and shelter. They read the different sign boards displayed in the Zoo in which the management were requesting the visitors not to use plastic in the premises. Students had a discussion in the class regarding this topic and they have come up with excellent reasons for restricting the people from the usage of plastic. They felt that it should be applicable to all the public places. They concluded that balance of systems will get affected with the humans’ deeds.

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Thursday, March 7, 2013


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CHAITRA KANCHI YADAVhttps://mail.google.com/mail/ca/u/0/images/cleardot.gif
Grade 9B
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Race to become Champion of Champions

Every drop makes an oceanEvery point counts to be an Oak Champ!

The month of February was a fruitful month with showcasing of academics, activities and sports.  Oak Champs for the Month of February were awarded their badges today. They joined the race to become the ‘Champion of Champions,’ which is edging towards its finish within a month.
Congratulations to the champs and all the best for the final award.

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Invitation-Jr.Student Led Conference

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Distribution of Product

Mr. Sumeeth Bhalotia visited Grade II A to share his knowledge and experience on the 2nd line of Inquiry “Distribution of product”. The session was designed in a simple and clear way for a better understanding. His illustrations helped the learners to get a deeper understanding of the concept. He welcomed questions from the students and answered it very patiently. Overall the session was very informative and the students enjoyed it very much. Grade 2A thanked Mr. Bhalotia with a card.

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