Monday, February 25, 2013

Show-N-Tell – Grade PP2A

To develop the communication and presentation skills of the youngest lot of the school, an event called “Show-n-Tell” was conducted on 23rd of February, 2013. The little ones from PP2A were free to choose any animal of their choice or pick from a rich collection available in the class. Thus the whole procedure enabled them to make their own decisions and choices. The kids spoke on a wide variety of animals like a turtle from the Oakridge pet area, a pet cat from Kyra’s home, parrot, rabbit, dangerous animals, favorite animal toy and also about the pet animal they would like to have. A small skit was also presented by the kids which was a surprise for the parents.  

                        Over all, the show helped a lot in combating the stage fear and gaining confidence. The parents were really happy to see the overall personality development of their children.



Voice of Parents:

Mr.Uppala Haribabu: My child has improved in his performance and I can see that he has lost stage fear.
Mr.Rahul Gandhi: Thank you for creating an opportunity to watch my daughter’s show. The kids were adorable and most important they had fun.
Ms.Sadhana Kaur: I really enjoyed and got entertained as all the children performed very obediently and without any hesitation. I would like to see more of such shows.

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