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Thursday, February 28, 2013

ROBOTICS workshop

The students of OIS, Einstein campus had an enthralling experience on the weekend ie; on 23rd February as they participated in an interesting workshop on ROBOTICS. These students learnt about Robotics and the key aspects involved in it. This workshop helped them to create their ideas into visuals and how to apply the mechanism of robotics. The workshop gave a hand on experience to our students.

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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Spell Bee volunteers

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VII A Student Led Conference

The students of VII A showcased their skills through "SLC" where they got an opportunity to put forth what they have learnt and experienced through out the year to their parents with great confidence and pride.

They showcased their projects like Experiment on Indicator in Science; their own creation - a beautiful poem on Nature, stage fear and so on. They also presented a documentary on Deserts along with a beautiful display on Values.

Parents really enjoyed the 'SLC' and were extremely happy to see their children perform well.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Student Led Conference-2013

For years parent-teacher conferences have been the primary means of parent-teacher communication. But now, Oakridge yet again is trying something new - "Student-Led Conference" that communicate not only how a student's doing but also why. This conference is a three-way conference to report to and share information with parents. 

Students take charge of their own evaluation and the entire conference right from welcoming their parents till thanking them for their time and support. This STUDENT LED CONFERENCE is an authentic tool to make a real difference in students behaviour and learning.

OIS, Einstein campus hosted their first Student Led Conference on 23rd February and invited with parents for this event. The parents loved the idea and collaborated with their children's learning.


"This conference made me more confident. I am happy that we got a chance to showcase out talents to our parents" - Meghana of Grade VIIB

"It gave us a chance to show our parents our potential for learning and also to learn things that we never knew. We also realised that we are capable of much more than we think we are" - Shruthi of Grade VII A

"It was really fun showing my parents what I do in school" - Arinnjay of Grade VIB

"I want this event to happen every year and hope to have fun like I had today" - Trishik of Grade VIA

"I really enjoyed showcasing what I learnt to my mom" - Vikram of Grade VI C


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Visual Arts-Activity show case

The Activity showcase on 23rd February, 2013 was an eventful session where students of visual arts hobby created their art pieces with clay, paper and paint. Their parents also enthusiastically participated and appreciated their children's talent and art piece. On the whole, it was an enriching experience for both students and parents.

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Seed Germination

Student of Grade I B planted seeds in pots and observations were done in the class connection to their ongoing topic “Plants.

Some observation written by students

Hrishikesh – Why in my pot all plants are not same in size?
Hansika – This plant came from the same seed which I put in to the soil 2 days back?
Srinivas- Ma’am two leaves have come out ….in the morning it was not their…
Preetham- It is so nice to watch them growing everyday.

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Monday, February 25, 2013

Show-N-Tell – Grade PP2A

To develop the communication and presentation skills of the youngest lot of the school, an event called “Show-n-Tell” was conducted on 23rd of February, 2013. The little ones from PP2A were free to choose any animal of their choice or pick from a rich collection available in the class. Thus the whole procedure enabled them to make their own decisions and choices. The kids spoke on a wide variety of animals like a turtle from the Oakridge pet area, a pet cat from Kyra’s home, parrot, rabbit, dangerous animals, favorite animal toy and also about the pet animal they would like to have. A small skit was also presented by the kids which was a surprise for the parents.  

                        Over all, the show helped a lot in combating the stage fear and gaining confidence. The parents were really happy to see the overall personality development of their children.



Voice of Parents:

Mr.Uppala Haribabu: My child has improved in his performance and I can see that he has lost stage fear.
Mr.Rahul Gandhi: Thank you for creating an opportunity to watch my daughter’s show. The kids were adorable and most important they had fun.
Ms.Sadhana Kaur: I really enjoyed and got entertained as all the children performed very obediently and without any hesitation. I would like to see more of such shows.
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Show and Tell & Profile Day by 2A

Grade 2A presented show and tell combined with profile day. This event was to showcase their presentation skills and flow of thoughts. The highlight of this event was that the students compered the complete show. Later the parents had to choose a profile that suits their child the best and share it with the group. Parents enjoyed this activity as they also participated in this event. The show was a success due to the student’s hard work and parent’s encouragement.

Voice of Parents:
1.       Ms.Sanjeev Geetha: This was really an awesome event and I appreciate the level of commitment towards the personality development. I wish good luck and congratulations for good work.
2.       Ms.Elenora: What a brilliant idea! Thank you for encouraging the children with their social skills especially with parents included in having to present as well.
3.       Ms.Surabhi Bhalotia: Day by day I am seeing the progress in my child. My daughter was very confident and focused on she presented her speech. I am very happy to see the changes in her.
4.       Mr.Prajapati: Very good exercise from school for students’ overall communication development.
5.       Mr.Y.Sambhasivarao: Very nice attending the event. The profile activity by parents for their children helped children know what their parents were thinking about them.

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Kudos to Oak Champs of January

 Yet again OIS, Einstein campus congratulated and appreciated the winners by calling them OAK CHAMPS of the January month. Our Principal, Ms. Adilakshmi, rewarded the winners with a badge. The winners were selected based on their performance both in academics and extra curricular events assessed both by teachers and parents

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Saturday, February 23, 2013

All Hand Meet-Febrauary

The All Hands Meet for the month of February was addressed by OIS, Einstein campus Principal, Ms. Adilakshmi, who appreciated the achievements and hard work of the teaching staff and Non-teaching staff throughout the month.
The teachers and staff members were appreciated and were awarded with mementoes, in various genres like Best Motivator, Best Blogger, Most Dedicative and so on.
The teachers who celebrate their birthdays and anniversaries in February month shared their happiness with others as they cut a cake!

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