Monday, January 28, 2013

Famous Personalities poem by Anushka Kaiwar, Grade IV

Oakridge constantly strives to mold their students in every discipline and try to make them all-rounders; let it be academics, sports or even literature. Here is one of the literary works in the genre of poetry by our student of Grade IV.

* We have heard of The Father of Our Nation,                
He is lovingly called Bapuji!
He taught us all about Truth and Ahimsa,
And that’s what he means to me
The world knows him as Gandhiji!!!!.

* Then there’s a Mother too,
With love and respect for all of you!
She couldn’t bear to see the poor people’s plight,
So came to India, on a flight!
She’s the kind Mother Teresa!!

Whose eyes always shone with so much Love light!!!

* Two great scientists need no introduction,
We all know and follow the theories of Einstein and Newton!!

They showed us that science is not such a burden!!!

 * One person can change the world!
Believed Rosa Parks!

BY refusing to get off the bus seat,
She made history,
And left her mark!!!

*Who doesn't know Bill Gates?

He wasn't very late,
In bringing computer programs to our home,
At a very good rate!!!

*Ashoka was the emperor of emperors!
When he went for war,
The enemy fled in terror!
Seeing on our Indian flag the Ashoka Chakra!

He was well known for his courage and Dharma!!

* So many more famous people like Lincoln, Mandela and Martin Luther King!!!
We have learned so much from them,
And forever their praise’s sing!!!

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  1. Keep it up and GOd bless. Thanks to all the wonderful teachers !

  2. Remarkable...keep it up

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