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Friday, December 28, 2012


Students of VII A were involved in the project on legendary art & Architecture of India & USA.  The main aim of the project was to learn and understand the history of paintings & architecture, along with its heritage and culture.
Many activities like recreating some forms of traditional paintings, studying any two styles of architecture in a scrap book, pot painting, biography, model making on a monuments were conducted. Students enjoyed the experience and were excited to put up their art works for display. All the hard work turned fruitful when the visitors and parents appreciated the Exhibition displayed.


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Paint our Earth Green

 A drawing competition, ‘Paint our Earth Green’ was organised by CII for school children, which saw the participation of 355 students from 79 schools in Hyderabad. The CII - Sohrabji Godrej Green Business Centre organised this contest as part of its initiative to generate awareness on the need for environmental protection.
Students were asked to design posters focusing on energy conservation, water conservation, usage of renewable energy, how to protect environment and biodiversity conservation.
Anushka Kaiwar of grade IV won third prize from Oakridge International School Einstein campus out of 70 students in grade IV category  in and around Hyderabad. 

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Math Day

On the occasion of the Great Mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan's 125th birthday on 22nd December 2012, the Math department  conducted a special assembly in view of celebrating the great man's day in Einstein campus at OIS. 
The assembly started with a Math Prayer followed by Math thought, Article on contribution of Ramanujan and ended with an Informative Math Quiz.

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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Collage Activity - Clothes

A collage activity was done on the topic “Clothes we Wear” by III B. Children were asked to bring photos of them dressed in traditional/casual which were then pasted on a big chart. From this activity children understood that dressing style varies from state to state, occasion and climatic conditions of the place.  At the end we created the most attractive picture of class. 

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A trip to Zoo

Children of PP II B went on a field trip to the Nehru Zoo Park in connection to their ongoing topic animal planet. Activities were conducted focusing on the ongoing topic “Zoo Animals.”
All these activities were able to raise the interest levels of children. A documentary movie was shown to give a clear picture of the zoo. It was a fun filled and an enticing trip.

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CAS-Junk Food awareness programme

As a CAS initiative, students of VI B, created a Junk Food awareness programme to reach out to students of 1st to 6th grade. A power point presentation along with a video on junk food was presented to the primary students. Students also conducted a survey in the campus on junk food. They analyzed the nutritive value of each junk food and prepared charts and created awareness on the ill-effects of consuming large amounts of Junk Food and the impact of it on health. Collective work of students of VI B made this awareness program highly successful.

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Impact Day

Getting the students closer to nature through fun filled activities was the objective of Impact Day, an initiative taken by a top MNC at the Bachupally campus on 23rd Nov, 2012.  The entire campus buzzed with fun and competitions like the Quiz, essay writing and painting kept them engrossed in thoughts towards an environmental approach. To keep the lively atmosphere spinning, stalls that had face painting, paper bag making and the rainwater harvesting was setup. The students even had little surprises awaiting them for the exchange of old books and news papers. 

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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Story Session by grade IV Student

The class of PP2B was full of joy, when a student of grade IV, Master Meghnad Dasgupta entered the class room with his pet rabbits. Meghnad brought an animal story book along with him .He narrated the story of “A Hair and the Lion.” Children enjoyed the story very much having the live example in front of them. 

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Field Trip to Inorbit Mall, Fun City and Hyper-city

Field trips are a great way to bring excitement and adventure to learning. A focused, well-planned field trip can be the perfect vehicle to introduce new skills and concepts to kids, reinforce ongoing lessons and leverage the learning potential of other trips throughout the session. Our PP I and PP II students went to Inorbit Mall, Fun-city  and Hyper-city to their fun and learning adventure for a better understanding on their ongoing UOI  topic ‘PLAY’ and ‘ CELEBRATIONS.’

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