Orchestra by students on Founders Day Music performance by students on Founders Day Music performance by students on Founders Day Bharatnatyam dance performance on Founders Day Puppet dance performance on Founders Day Monkey dance performance on Founders Day Elephant dance performance on Founders Day Parrot dance performance on Founders Day Mowgli adventure play on Founders Day
Friday, November 30, 2012


It was an auspicious occasion for OIS to celebrate ‘Hindi Divas’ on November 8, 2012. It was very well observed as the students with the help of Hindi Department Teachers participated in various events and made the day worthwhile.
Right from charts to Punjabi Folk dance, every event showcased high spirits and enthusiasm. The History of Hindi and the importance of learning Hindi as our National Language were presented which had a mesmerizing effect on the audience.   



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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Curtains go up!

Grade I on 22nd September, 2012 worked on a fantastic ‘Create a Disguise’ show. Children enthusiastically prepared for different roles related to our UOI topic ‘Communication’. They creatively showcased the attires for their roles and presented it superbly for their parents. This program allowed the parents to get an in-depth idea of how learning happens in the classroom. The students put forth a wonderful event which was highly appreciated by the parents.

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People who made a Difference-Guest lecture

A guest lecture was conducted by Mrs. Raji Harish, (parent of Anusha of Grade IVB) on the ongoing CP unit ‘People who made a Difference’. The children got to know about the great people who, through their actions made difference to lives of millions across the world. The guest spoke about qualities like compassion, tolerance, truthfulness, self discipline and courage. The event ended with an activity in which children had to write what they would like to change about themselves and their environment. The children were indeed enriched by the presentation!

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012


The 3rd Intra- School Tennis Tournament was smoothly conducted at OIS tennis court on 7th of November for Grades VI - X. An impressive performance with great potential was observed in all the participants as they took ‘tennis’ not only as a sport but also loved the sport thoroughly through which they achieved success.
Reflection of student
 I definitely want to play against people stronger than me and win and want to strive to improve as much as I can and wish to be better than I already am, so I love to play more Tennis!
-Ritesh, 9B


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Tuesday, November 27, 2012


The tiny tots of pre-primary in PYP had great fun in playing OUTDOOR-GAMES that were arranged for them. Sports teacher along with Mrs. Ranjani set some rules and showed them how to play different games like football, cricket, tennis, basketball. The Kids really enjoyed playing these games. This event helped students to develop peer-relationships and the nuances socializing.
After playing the outdoor games, the kids were taken to the nursery class, to attend a power-point presentation, by Mrs.Ranjani on what are outdoor games and the different kinds of outdoor games followed by a guest lecture, by Mrs.Usha on the same. The session ended with a short viewing of INDIA VS SRILANKA final WORLD CUP cricket match along with a Hockey match.

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Grade I – Presentation to the Parents

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn”.  
The above quote holds true for the learning that happens in our classroom. Grade I presented their learning to the parents in a very interesting ‘Parent Presentation’ session. The children showcased their understanding in a series of stations ranging from English to Math to UOI and Yoga, where they had to perform a set of tasks. They also explained about the soft board and the different activities done in the class. The parents in turn evaluated their own child’s presentation and oratory skills. All the children participated enthusiastically in the very successful showcase of the first Unit of Inquiry ‘Communication: Signs & Symbols’




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Friday, November 23, 2012


Scholastic India Pvt. Ltd. visited OIS, Einstein campus and organized a Book Fair, which was widely appreciated by our students. This fair was organized to imbibe the habit of reading in students and Scholastic Group highly supported us for the same. Students were very much excited to have a glance of new books of different genre. 

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On the Sunday morning of NSF SPELL BEE Competition, our students of OIS, Einstein campus shined as young entrepreneurs by selling their refreshments to the visitors. Students showed great enthusiasm and a tremendous level of responsibility was seen, as the profits were used for the good cause to help the needy and poor.

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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Fun with Electromagnets and electrical circuits

Students of VII A with great enthusiasm investigated the properties of electromagnets and electrical circuits. They created their own electromagnetic models and worked on relating experiments on it. Students developed skills of critical thinking while making the electromagnetic model.



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Transportation-International week

Grade II started working on International week with an activity connected to the topic ‘Transportation.’ In this activity children made interesting charts and researched about the topic and they shared their views with others. They found out about different modes of transportation. This activity was helpful to develop communicating skill and thinking skill.



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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A 3-day Workshop on Entrepreneurship by oakridge & ISB

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PYP shines in the NSF Spell bee Competition .

Oakridge Einstein campus hosted the NSF Spell Bee Competition on 18-11-12. Aarya Newsakar and Kirthi Gummadi of Grade IIIA bagged first and second prize in the Junior Spell Bee event respectively. Rahul Manepalli of Grade IIIA got third prize in the Junior Math Bee event. It was a very proud moment for Grade III to achieve five prizes in the NSF SPELL BEE competition.

Winner’s reflection:

·         Aarya-“I was very happy when I got the first prize.”

·         Rahul-“This is my first trophy, so I am very happy

·         Kirthi-“It was exciting and we had a nice experience


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