Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Field Trip to NTV

Grade I students visited a news channel recently to know how the media is connected with people as our ongoing topic is 'Communication'. The excitement on every student’s face was quite evident. Students were enthusiastic to see NTV station and to know the process of making news.

Children were very excited to see the live programme and they also saw how the news reader reads news using script screen. They saw audio mixture is done, editing section, injust room , live discussion room, video cameras used, scrolling bulletin section, reporters section, etc. They also showed children how they change the background picture by shooting us in live discussion room.

Overall the trip was very informative and wonderful experience for the students. The entire program was guided by Mr. Surya & Mr. Venkat of NTV. As a token of respect children gave thank you card and an art frame to NTV for sharing their technical knowledge.

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