Monday, October 1, 2012

Field Trip to Ashray Akruthi School

In association with the ongoing topic Communication, children of grade I visited one of the schools for speaking and hearing impaired children at Srinagar Colony, Hyderabad. Mrs. Savithri, the Academic Advisor lead us towards their campus explaining the needs and the services provided to the children in their organization.

Children visitied each and every class where they observed how the Akruthi school children were communicating, and their queries were well clarified.

This visit was truly knowledgeable to grade I students, anecdotes jotted below:
1. “I wanted to know how the kids understand and communicate in Ashray Akruthi Schoo and when they told their names l didn’t understand but with the help of their teacher I got to know their names.” – Siva.
2. ”I felt little sad by seeing them but I feel good when they were trying to communicate.”- Shreya.
3. “They were telling their names and saying hi to us.”- Sohina.
4. “I saw the kids wearing hearing aids in their ears.”- Aadi.
5. “They cannot talk and listen but they are observe lip movements while asking questions.” - Sravya.

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