Friday, September 14, 2012

Young Music Recorders of Grade III

On 14-9-12, the students of grade III went for their second field trip, related to the ongoing topic- Technologies, to Geetanjali Studio in Motinagar. The field trip was a part of the integration of the topic with Music and Dance. The Dance Teacher Mrs. KrishnaPriya, arranged the field trip and accompanied over. The main motive of the trip was to make the students familiar with the present day technologies used in the field of Performing Arts.

The sound Engineer in the studio helped the boys and the girls in groups to record few lines of a Hindi and a English song. The students were enthralled to have the real experience of recording their own voice and listening to it with changes afterwards. They were very much interested to know and learn about the machinaries kept in the studio.

Students Speak—
After recording its difficult recognize our own voice”.-- Abhi
How would they record in olden days!”. -- LakshmiPriya
The Technology was Awesome”. Lakshit

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