Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Math Workshop

Einstein's Math teachers attended a Math workshop conducted by Mrs. Manjiri from Gujrat on 14th and 15th September at Newton Campus.

The key areas discussed were as follows:
  • Math Lab Activities (from VI to X grade) -  
  1. Number Line activity by using an Math Aid of wooden staircase.
  2. Activity on Mensuration by using wooden 3D shapes (for eg Derivation of formulas for volumes, TSA, LSA of cones, cylinder etc).
  3. Differentiation between the properties of congruency and similarities of triangles.
  4. Derivation of all the properties of 2D shapes using flash cards.
  5. Origami.
  • Ideas and methods:
  1. Uses of Square Paper to teach Algebra, Commercial Math, Decimals, Area & Perimeter etc.
  2. Avoid common misconception in using vocabularies, drawings, etc.
  3. Stress on students' observation while teaching Math.
  4. Ideas to teach the method of solving simultaneous linear equation graphically by giving different expressions.
  5. Brainstorming activities specially in the afternoon classes.
All the ideas and methods shown in the workshop to teach the concepts of Math to our students can be used. The aids which Mrs. Manjiri used were all self-made (with waste wood).

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