Sunday, September 16, 2012

Little hands on Folk Art

"Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life". Oscar Wilde

Students of Visual Art from grades IV and V were involved in creating Warli paintings and worked on improving the minute aspects and details, thereby developing concentration skills. They also improved their handling of brush strokes and fine motor skills.

There are many types of folk art in India each one has its own essence. Warli paintings came from the largest tribe of Maharashtra. These paintings are the pictorial description on the day to day activities. They are made on a dark back ground with some light colors. They were used to decorate the walls of the houses, painted on pots and other household items. The characteristics of these are they are done with thin lines, different textures are shown by different lines strokes, figures are geometrical shaped, there is very less use of colors.

The students were divided into groups of four. Each team created its own composition on black chart paper and added delicate white color brush strokes. It was interesting to see the compositions, some followed the Warli themes and some students were creative to do sketches related to present day life.

Students' reflections:
Deesha, IV– “I was happy & having fun doing Warli paintings. I felt like I lived in the village.
Claire, IV – “I enjoyed and felt as if I could draw anything.”
Sahishnu, IV – “The Warli painting was good & the best part was drawing the borders.”
Manasa, V – “I felt peaceful while I was painting.”
Arya, V – “The Warli painting was fun & it looked nice when I painted, so thanks Pratibha mam.”
Parnika, V – “I enjoyed doing it in a group, had fun doing Warli painting.”

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