Monday, September 3, 2012

Guest lecture on food, hygiene, good manner and etiquettes

With regards to food, hygiene, good manner and etiquettes PP 2 students had a guest lecture on 27th August. Ms. SUSMITHA, mother of Aarnav of PP 2 was invited to have a session with the children. The session started by welcoming the guest with a flower bouquet by the students. This was a part of good manner.

The session got alive with a brain storming session where students were asked questions like "What is the difference between healthy and junk food", "Few examples of healthy and junk food", etc. Children were able to answer all the questions and also discussed on good manners and hygiene like brushing teeth, washing hands etc. The session became more interesting when they were asked to play a game. Ms. Sushmita prepared cards of healthy and junk food; she distributed those cards to the children. The game said- when she says healthy food children those who has card of healthy food should raise their hand. Those who win will explain about the picture given in the card then they will be getting a chocolate. It went on till all the kids got a chance. After this session our guest showed them a PPT on good habits. She showed them a chart with pictures describing what not to do, e.g. not to push others while playing, not jump on the staircases, not to play with fire etc.

Children had a reflection session where they were expressing their views about the session, as Anjali said "I liked the session a lot, Suhaan said “Monkeys push each other; we shouldn’t do it while playing”, Tarini said "we should eat healthy food to become stronger".

The session ended with children giving a thank you card to the guest. They shook hand with the guest and said thank you for coming to their class, which is a part of good manner and etiquette again.

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