Friday, September 7, 2012

Future Global Citizens

The main motive of the PYP programme is to prepare the students to bear their responsibilities as future global citizens. The Profile and the Attitudes in the PYP programme are framed to achieve this goal.

To give a better understanding of the Profile and Attitudes to the students, there are two separate corners on the soft board of grade III. In one corner, children's booklets have been pinned up, on which his/her friends write few lines about him/her, in relation to the Profile and Attitudes. In the other corner, each child writes about any incident related to him/her, where he/she practiced any Profile or Attitude and stick it on to the caterpillar. The Students write once a week and pin it up in both the corners.

Few lines written by the students--

“I was caring because I helped my mother in holding my small brother.” Vijay
“I was creative as I made a cart with match box, chart, card board and shoe box, last Sunday.” Anurag
Last week my parents went for some work and I took care of my sister until they came back. So I think I was caring.” Rumaisa

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