Saturday, September 15, 2012

Frolic in blending a yummy salad

To develop the habit of eating fruits in children, children of Nursery basked the pleasure of preparing yummy salad with their favourite fruits on September 14. Their ongoing curriculum topic is Fruits.

Children were asked to bring their favourite fruit to the class to share with their friends. Children were beaming with exuberance to mix all the fruits and blend it to a yummy salad. By taking help from the affectionate grandma of Mahum, they mixed it into a delicious fruit salad and children got a variety of tastes. They shared the salad with their friends and parents, proving that ‘sharing is loving’. On this peculiar day of fruits, the kids learnt more about the taste, smell, colour and texture of different fruits. Besides they also realised the importance of washing fruits before eating and benefits of eating fresh fruits.

The toddlers of Nursery relished the taste of salad singing "Its yummy yummy yummy to my tummy tummy...", making the day jubilant.

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