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Sunday, September 30, 2012

It’s time to wake up

Before air pollution harms people's health and heats up the climate it makes sense to do something about it. Since grade IV students were inquiring about renewable and non renewable energies for the past few weeks, it was easy for them to understand and connect to this particular topic. Mrs. Hemamalini and her team conducted a session with the children to make them aware of harm they do to the environment which has become a big threat for all the living things on the earth.

Students were touched by watching the videos and they came out with loads of solutions to avoid pollution and also promised that they will educate their neighbors and family members regarding this. All the students took the pledge that they will contribute their part in saving Mother Earth.

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Grade IV's Parent Ppresentation

PYP students are continuously engaged in an inquiry process which requires identifying, investigating and offering solutions to real-life issues or problems based on a particular central idea.

During this academic year's first Parent Presentation, students presented their learning to the parents by explaining and exhibiting the activities they did throughout the six weeks of UOI. Parents enjoyed doing the tasks along with their wards. The whole session was very interactive and the parents expressed their desire to have more sessions like these in the coming months. As grade IV did the presentation on topic- Energy I heard from the parents that their kids have become conscious about saving electricity and water at home. Its always a great feeling for the teacher to see some real action!

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PYP Parent Presentation

The first Parent Presentation of present academic year was held on 22-9-12 (Saturday) in the school. The event is organized for the parents to have a glimpse of the activities that students are involved in regular classes. After doing different activities with the child, at different stations, set up in the class, the parents get an idea on the criterias that are looked into while designing the activities for the students and also know about the learning outcomes.

Parents Speak-
Good idea to know what my child is doing in the class.”- Mrs. Rama Devi(Mother of Sri Tvisha)
Very creative and well organized activities.”- Mrs. KrishnaPriya (Mother of Anurag)

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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Caring for Mother Earth

On 27th September, students of grade III had a guest lecture by Mrs. Hemamalinee, on topic- Pollution. The lecture was organized by the Green Rangers initiative group from Oakridge. The discussions, videos and PowerPoint presentations, during the lecture, made the students aware of the different types of pollution and their affects on the environment. It greatly helped the students to gain knowledge about the present burning issue.

Students Reflection-
The guest Lecture taught us about the mother nature.”- Anshi
We learned about three types of Pollution and I enjoyed the model on pollution.”- Lalit
I learned the meaning of the word-Pollution and Environment.”- Abhi

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Spirit of Leadership

The first round of student council started on 25.09.2012 through the interview process for the students of grade V by a group of teacher panelists. The shortlisted students would then go the next level where they would contest for elections by their peer group.

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Oral Round of Spell Bee

The Oral Round of Spell Bee for the month of September was conducted on 17th September, 2012 for the junior school. The students were enthusiastic and had come well prepared. The written as well as the oral rounds witnessed overwhelming response by the students. The culture of 'spell it right and enjoying while learning' was once again visible through this round of Spell Bee. Congratulations to all the winners!

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Paper Collage Making competition

Oakridge International School believes that every child has unlimited capabilities, talents and potential. The school aspires to make it possible for its students to realize their true worth and potential through various experiences, one of which was Paper Collage Making competition in which students of grades III - V participated. The topics were- Still Life (grade V), Beach (grade IV) and Fruit Basket (grade III).

Students Speak:
Ridhi: "I was happy to know that I got a lot of new ideas while making the collage."
Vaishnavi: "It was fun making a collage to my liking."
Parnika: "Best collage I ever made."

Teachers Speak:
Ms. Rashmi: "Good opportunity to showcase talent and creativity."
Ms. Rama Devi: "Well organized and children liked working on the theme Fruit Basket"
Ms. Oorja: "Children displayed creativity at its best and everyone was engrossed in the activity."
Ms. Vidya: "Very engaging and interesting. There was a lot of learning too."
Ms. Vani:"Though the theme was given on the spot, the energy and enthusiasm showed by the kids was amazing."

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Interactive Session by Guest Parents

The education that Oakridge provides is the result of a long and gradual process that continues to evolve. It is the parents of Oakridge who, help collectively to create a better society for their children. Sincere thanks to Mrs. Manjusha Poogalia and Mrs. Manjari Thummalapalli for their generous time and for answering all childrens' questions with enthusiasm and patience. PP 1 had a Mother Tongue session for their UOI. Mrs. Manjusha explained 'How to work and play with the classmates' in Hindi and Mrs. Manjari involved children in a Telugu session.

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Workshop on Stage 1 Cambridge IGCSE Mathematics

Two Math teachers from Einstein, Mr. Arup Sinha and Mr. Nagarjuna attended two days workshop on Stage 1 Cambridge IGCSE Mathematics.

Professional Development course at the Head Start Educational Academy, Bangalore was during 6th and 7th September 2012, by Sue Pemberton and Team, Cambridge International Examinations.

Mr. Arup- "It was such a pleasure to meet and interact with different teachers from different places and to see such enthusiasm and learning atmosphere."

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Math Workshop

Einstein's Math teachers attended a Math workshop conducted by Mrs. Manjiri from Gujrat on 14th and 15th September at Newton Campus.

The key areas discussed were as follows:
  • Math Lab Activities (from VI to X grade) -  
  1. Number Line activity by using an Math Aid of wooden staircase.
  2. Activity on Mensuration by using wooden 3D shapes (for eg Derivation of formulas for volumes, TSA, LSA of cones, cylinder etc).
  3. Differentiation between the properties of congruency and similarities of triangles.
  4. Derivation of all the properties of 2D shapes using flash cards.
  5. Origami.
  • Ideas and methods:
  1. Uses of Square Paper to teach Algebra, Commercial Math, Decimals, Area & Perimeter etc.
  2. Avoid common misconception in using vocabularies, drawings, etc.
  3. Stress on students' observation while teaching Math.
  4. Ideas to teach the method of solving simultaneous linear equation graphically by giving different expressions.
  5. Brainstorming activities specially in the afternoon classes.
All the ideas and methods shown in the workshop to teach the concepts of Math to our students can be used. The aids which Mrs. Manjiri used were all self-made (with waste wood).

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