Saturday, August 25, 2012

The World of Technology

The present UOI topic for grade III is- Technological impact on the world of work and leisure. The students visited two of their friends' –Lalit's and Kirthi’s houses in My Home Jewel Apartments, Madinaguda. The main motive of the field trip was to make them aware of the technologies we use in our daily activities and to enjoy our leisure time.

Two groups of 12 students each, visited each house and they came back and shared their learnings with each other in the class. The Parents were very supportive and they shared valuable information with the students. Students noted down the information given and each group collated their points and prepared a chart after coming back. The host students were very excited to have their friends at home. They were trying to pull out everything from the wardrobes, from every corner of the house and show it to their friends. As a whole it was a good and fruitful learning experience for the students.

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