Thursday, August 9, 2012

Migration to a Real / Imaginary Place

The first UOI for grade III was on Human Migration— its causes, challenges, risks and opportunities. The summative assessment was:
Task- If you have to migrate, decide a place (real\imaginary) you would like to migrate and assume the reasons, challenges, risks and opportunities that you are going to face.
Some students wanted to migrate to imaginary land like- candy land, vehicle land, snow land, wish land, land of make believe, etc. While some students wanted to migrate to USA, Switzerland, and China. All the students were very clear with the challenges, risks and opportunities they might have to face in their place of migration. Their presentations were assessed with a teacher rubric.

Student Anecdotes
Abhi-How will you take bath in a candy land with chocolates?
Lakshit-What will you eat in a vehicle land?
HarshaVardhini-You have to fight with Polar bears in snow land.
Srimanth-What will you eat,when your food finishes in a space land?

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