Friday, August 3, 2012

Guest Lecture by School Doctor

We had our School Doctor as a guest to discuss with our children grade II, the importance of personal hygiene and exercise. Firstly, she asked them questions and tried to find out students' views on keeping healthy

Children did answer very instantly with the positive aspects of being healthy and clean. The doctor was very happy with the different answers. She then started explaining how to take care of body parts starting from head, eyes, ears, nose, teeth, hands and legs. She showed some pictures about the consequences of not keeping our bodies clean.

Children asked questions which was very interesting:

Why should we have bath everyday? why do we have hair inside our nose? Why do we get white hair? why some teeth are sharp? why do we need to eat all types of food? why do we need to have vitamins?

Doctor answered all their queries. The take away for the children was to keep themselves clean and healthy everyday.

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