Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Weekend Voyagers- An orientation session

Endless syllabus, daily tests and tired with burdened curriculum this is the required break for students of all ages (6-16years). Its a good break from monotony and a chance to get recharged with new things to learn from.

Oakridge Hyderabad is offering a weekend activity club and weekend voyagers for children between 6 - 16 years. The workshops on foreign languages like Spanish and Chinese are offered. The technical workshops include aero modeling and robotics. The hobby-based workshops are photography, film making and culinary. The fourth classification is the creative souls workshop.

Overall, it is going to be fully charged workshop with fun, frolic and knowledge. A not-to-miss-event, for children this weekend. Most workshops are available at both the campus. Try this novel treat from the prestigious house of education, Oakridge.

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