Saturday, July 14, 2012

Visit to Birla Science Planetarium

Students of grade III had gone for a field trip to 'Birla Science Planetarium' in relation to their topic Universe, Solar system and Earth.

Below are their reflections:
Kanush: I liked the show on Solar System, there was much to see and learn about each planet including the Sun.
Taufeeq: We went to the Birla science planetarium, I liked the show about the planet. I enjoyed the science lab. Then we went to the Dinosaurium.
Anshita: The show about the planets was a great learning filled with excitement.
Veda: I liked the information given about the planet Mars and all theother planets. And also learnt why Mars is called the red planet.
Shreyas: I liked the science museum.
Madhav: I liked the show in the planetarium and the the Dinosaurium.

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