Friday, July 20, 2012

Students' Reflections

"It was a great learning by reading together." Priyesh, Grade X

"It was great reading books together. We had fun." Ankith, Grade X

"It was really a nice experience as all of us sat together and read the books which we brought." Gaurav, Grade X

"It was great experience reading books together." Sanjana, Grade X

"Drop Everything and Read was a creative and interesting way to involve the children in reading. It is a great will inculcate the habit of reading." - Ms. Lopa, Math teacher

"Realization of internal potential and unfolding the treasure within, utilizing that amount of time to be with our self was quite rejuvenating. Keep it up! Do more such DEAR days or may we all take our such "DEAR HOUR" everyday and be with the leisure reading book. " Ms. Veena, Social Studies teacher

"In my year of experience, this is the first time I am experiencing with such kind of creativity in a school. So I can add one more role in my experience, as it is an interesting and creative approach to the students." Mr. Arup, Math teacher

"DEAR day is a great way to inculcate the habit of reading. This is more significant in the present day with internet and T.V. watching over lives. Lets do it move after. Keep it up!" Ms. Neeraja, Social Studies teacher

"DEAR day was really wonderful which made the teachers also read along with the students to motivate them." Ms. Madhavi, Senior Co-ordinator

"It was really good, I likeed reading books with my friends. It was fun." Aman, Grade X

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