Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Spirit of Volunteers

CAS Orientation for the IGCSE parents of students from 6th to 10th grades was conducted on 30.06.2012 between 10:00am to 12:00 noon with successful participation by 20 parents. The programme began with a PPT on introduction to CAS by the student advisor Mrs. Mythili Balaji, who is also the CAS coordinator. The highlights of the PPT were on ‘what is CAS?’, aims and goals of the CAS activity, process of conducting CAS programme through the 6 clubs.

The presentation was followed by student club members from each club presenting their club goals and objectives. Parents were given the nomination form to register themselves in any of the clubs. Every club got a good nomination by parents. The groups then split into their respective clubs for a group activity. The groups were asked to rework on the existing student developed goals and objectives and present a more refined goals and objectives with the support of parent volunteers representing the clubs.

The outcome of the exercise from the group activity gave a defined picture on planning and ideas by the students, parent volunteers and teachers in charge. There was an atmosphere of excitement and enthusiasm from all the groups. The groups finally presented their activity plan which was appreciated by other teams. Parent volunteers have suggested keeping a group CAS club meeting after every two months. They have also suggested conducting another round of orientation for the parents who missed out on this meeting but might be willing to be part of this programme.

It is heartening to see the spirit of the students and the parents who could come out of their comfort zone of enjoying their holiday for the club meeting. This definitely is an encouragement to the CAS team. This is the beginning of the challenge which has to be taken up to meet the enthusiasm and expectations of the student and parent volunteers.

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