Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sense of Taste

Today the children of PP 2 had an innovative demonstration on taste buds- one of the prominent sensory organs. Food items of different unique tastes (Sugar for Sweet, Tamarind for Sour, Bitter Gourd for Bitter, Salt for Salty and so on) were arranged and children were made to taste those and feel the taste. They were very enthusiastic and whole heartedly participated in this event. Most of the children could easily identify the taste and when they were asked to taste chilly – they ran away saying “Kharam” :)

After this demonstration, there was a reflection session on the learning, children were asked to take out their tiffin box, taste the food and identify the taste. All of them could differentiate the tastes between sweet, sour, salty and likes. It was overall a great session and children learnt through hands on experience.

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