Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Reaching out with a Message

Creativity is the power to connect the seemingly unconnected."- William Plomer

Students of Einstein campus had the opportunity to participate in the Message drive for Indian Athletes who are participating in London Olympics 2012. Students created posters wishing India a good luck for London Olympics organized by Olympics Gold Quest board.

The main purpose of this drive was to increase awareness among students about Indian athletes and also gather messages which were handed over to the athletes. This was a huge morale boost for the athletes as well. The poster making activity was directed by the Visual Arts teacher, Ms. Pratibha Raju very well. Students were very enthusiastic in creating their compositions on paper. They really felt very proud & their patriotic feelings were shaped on the posters. The program also built awareness among the students. The inquiry began with the students inquiring about the number of athletes participating and the number of games India was participating in. The Creativity of the students reflected in the posters. All the aspects were well illustrated in their use of space, colour, theme and slogans. There was no limit for the imagination that these children portrayed in their artwork.

The Olympics Gold Quest board selected works of our students, Aarti, Rachana, Chandralekha Gaurav Dey of X and Shwetha Raju of VII. The drawings and posters were displayed and presented to the athletes Mary Kom, Vijay Kumar, Sanjeev Rajput and Annu Raj at a special event in a press conference on 7th June, to wish luck for London Olympics 2012.

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