Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Phased Induction in Nursery

To make children comfortable at all times and at the same time allowing them to experience the fun and exciting surroundings that a nursery can offer, an event called “Phased Induction” was conducted on 18th to 22nd June, 2012. Parents were invited to come to the nursery and spend a short time with their child getting accustomed to teachers and a new environment.

The process of Phased Induction started with the Introduction of the Teachers followed by the introduction of the parents. Followed by this was a hands-on activity between parents and children. Parents showed their hidden talents and enjoyed the activities. A welcome letter and a beautiful flower pot filled with chocolates were given as a take home gift to the new little tots and parents of Nursery. Parents were very happy and were comfortable too though for most of them it was the first school experience for their child.

The children were very happy and excited to come to school daily.

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  1. Great Experience being a part of this Induction

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